Anima Corporation provides visually realistic 3D Animation services. We have a talented artist specialized in all aspects of 3D animation.

We provide following services in 3D animation:

   Modeling and texturing

   Product Modeling

   Character Animation

   Architecture Modeling and Walkthrough Animation

   Logo animation

   Industrial Animation

   Animation for Films and Commercials

   Camera Matchmoving

   Mocap Cleanup

VFX For Films and TV Commercials

Visual Effects is the term in which images or film frames are created and manipulated for film and video. Visual effects usually involve the integration of live-action footage with computer generated imagery or other elements in order to create environments or scenarios which look realistic, but would be dangerous, costly, or simply impossible to capture on film. They have become increasingly common in the most of today films. We produce visual effects, motion design, visual effects and 3D character animation for feature films and television, commercials and integrated media.

We provide following services in VFX:

   Matte Paintings


   2D Paint

   chroma keying


   3D Stereoscopy