About Anima

What We Do

Anima Corporation produces top quality character animation. We specialize in creating high-impact stories with memorable characters. We also develop, produce, and license our own properties and video games for entertainment and advertainment purposes.

Our team of creative personal and professional animators has the necessary expertise that is required for executing animation projects. An efficient team that stands out in skills as well as talents powers us. We have been able to handle projects that have majuscule complexity attached with them or require a high level of creative innovation.

We know that all the above is useless if your project is not delivered on time and on budget. We literally don't sleep in order to meet our customers deadlines without compromising quality or creativity.


Today Anima Corporation has a brilliant talent pool of people to manage its clients.

We are specialised in:


   Adobe Photoshop

   Adobe Illustrator

   Adobe After Effects

   Adobe Premiere

   Coral Draw